IIT gandhinagar Hostels pics

Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar ,Palaj, Simkheda, Gandhinagar, Gujarat - 382355

IIT Gandhinagar address

The outside main city, in palaj village, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

How to reach IIT Gandhinagar

  • Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, Ahemdabad which is 22km away from IIT Gandhinagar campus is nearest.

  • Ahmedabad railway station is the nearest railway station from IIT Gandhinagar which is 30km away.

Opening and Closing Ranks for IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar Ranking

Some basic information about IIT Gandhinagar

  • IIT Gandhinagar established year-2008

  • IIT Gandhinagar campus area in acres - 400 acres

  • Total number of students in IIT Gandhinagar -2500

  • IIT Gandhinagar has a permanent campus

Courses in IIT Gandhinagar

Campus facilities IIT Gandhinagar

  • 24/7 available wi-fi facility

  • departmental store where you can find your every daily need stuff 

  • Saloon available

  • Banks available.(Canara bank )

  • Mode of payments accepted in IIT Gandhinagar -Cash ,Card,E-Wallets (Paytm,etc)

  • Gym available

  • All type of sports are not available currently ,but whichever present are good for students as strength is low so more number of students can get the opportunity.

  • Mode of transportation inside the college- use your own cycles or paid vehicles(taxi or rickshaw) will be available, which takes a nominal amount.

Mess and Food facilities in IIT Gandhinagar

  • every student must have to take the mess facility, which means they take the mess charges with fees along.

  • mess food quality on a scale of 5 would be-4 *

  • Restaurants and cafes are available everywhere.


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IIT Gandhinagar Hostels

  • Separate Boys girls hostels.

  • number of students in one room -2(by the way it changes year to year.)

  • views about hostels-Excellently maintained hostels*

  • Boys are allowed to enter the girls hostel but we think there should be some sort of limitations.

Some not so asked information but important to consider!!

  • Regarding getting in and out of campus- No restriction regarding getting in and out of campus you just have to do a security check-in.

  • Nature of seniors towards juniors is the best thing which makes IITs different from other colleges,they are so helpful and supportive.they are like friends to us even some are like brothers! there's no scene of RAGGING in IITs now:)

Take a campus TOUR!

*(views and rating presented here is  acc. to a survey taken on some students,this is not our personal rating)

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Apr 08, 2020