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8 things every IIT JEE Aspirant should do in the Quarantine days

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

perseverance is essential to get success in things you want to.

You have to work day and night, hustle every day without getting distracted to get desired results and get admission into your desired IIT.

We have information about almost every IIT to make you figure out which IIT is best as most of the IIT JEE aspirants consider Placements as the only criteria to choose a IIT.

How IIT JEE aspirants use these quarantine days most efficiently?

Here are some tips directly from the minds of IITians -

  1. First create a mind map of what you will be doing in next 2 weeks.

  2. create a daily schedule according to your mind map.

  3. Turn off all the distraction while studying!!

  4. Do more questions instead of just studying stuffs from books

  5. make daily notes of what you are studying.

  6. BE MOTIVATED, be in touch with people who motivates you

  7. Take proper study breaks as whole day is in your hands and you cant study whole day

  8. follow all this steps and your schedule strictly - tightly

Do follow these Tips and Tricks for IIT JEE Aspirants, If you are confused how to Study for IIT JEE in Last Month or this Lockdown Period
Check out this One Month Preparation GUIDE and know how to execute the revision strategy in Last Month of Preparation

Creating a mind map

Create a strategic plan about what part of syllabus you are going to cover and set deadline for it.

for example - Set a deadline that i will be going to revise my whole physics and organic chemistry this month, then create your daily schedule accordingly.

Creating a daily schedule -

Create your daily schedule, strictly fix your sleep hours and wake up early before 8 am

and sit for study by 9 am. you can ask a proper schedule what our team followed during their JEE Time over our IIT JEE forum for example you will be doing maths in morning and organic in day time as your mind is at extreme state during morning and you want to use this in some intellectual and mind bombarding things.

Last Month Preparation GUIDE by IITians - AllAboutIIT

Confused?? How to Study Whole Course in 1 Month

Confused?? How to memorize Inorganic/Organic in 1 month

Confused?? How to Revise all theory in last Week

Confused?? What strategy/Schdeule to follow in the Last month of Preparation 

All the Answers to your doubts are given in this GUIDE in addition to some pro tips/tricks and suggestions! GRAB THE GUIDE RIGHT NOW

AS Its Better then Regretting it in future

Yes! Give me That GUIDE right NOW

All The Best For JEE 2020

Turning off all distractions

while studying aspirants make sure your mind is totally in studying and there's no distraction around you attracting your mind towards them.

Tell every one in your home not to call you, switch off the phone and study with whole dedication.

Do more question practice

IIT JEE is not a hard exam its just a tricky exam wanted to know your caliber in problem solving , state of mind, pressure handling capabilities, and time management.

and jee aspirants can learn all these things just by doing so many question practice and not by just reading books.

Making daily notes

Believe me its most important

most of the students might ignore this thing but by personal experience this is the thing which will make a difference in rankings.

this is the time aspirants are revising course, like you planned for organic chemistry this week then my bro you are not going take the whole organic chemistry before some days of JEE again you have to get everything of syllabus at your fingertips and this the time, while your revising it. Just make short notes on whatever chapter you keep completing on and on, write things which are important, things which you have to remember (organic reactions) and paste them on the walls of your room.

I literally covered a whole wall of my room just by these notes. And keep reading on these things whenever you roam around in room!

Be motivated

be in touch with some good inspiring friends or some brother who had experienced this JEE Preparation thing, so that they can motivate you whenever you feel down.

Don't hesitate to ask doubts and advice from them, as nobody will remember how stupid you were once you get into a IIT

As Steve Jobs said - stay hungry, stay foolish

Take breaks

IIT JEE Aspirants must Take breaks from study sessions properly as you have your whole day in your hand, use this time appropriately

i recommend to always have a study session of 3 Hrs which will make you familiar.

Don't try to study just after having a meal as during this time your body is busy in digesting your food so get relaxed for half an hour

Do things which doesn't need to use your intellect. Listen to songs, Read good content aver internet, listen to geeta lessons!

That's all for now

Don't hesitate to ask if you are having any problems in using these quarantine days efficiently

our team is available for you guys, and we together will make your IIT JEE Crack this YEAR

If you liked it - share AllAboutIIT with your friends and help them in using these quarantine days efficiently.

stay home, stay safe

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